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September 04, 2007



You nut! Now I have to come up with some randomness! Gah!

Worse...finding 8 willing participants! LOL


Joyce Smith

I thought you would like that, Mare. ;) Might I add that I am the person that never ever forwards e-mails, but I somehow got sucked into this. LOL!


YAY! Thanks for caving under the pressure of three tags! LOL! You're a good woman. I have a feeling if we ever met, I wouldn't understand a word you are saying! But it's nice to have learned that about you!

All the Best,
Ashley Skjaveland

Joyce Smith

LOL, Ashley! No worries, I don't sound nearly as smart when I open my mouth. It's all an illusion . . . ha ha! :)

Allison Rupp

Joyce, you turkey! I saw that Audrey tagged you and had a sinking feeling you got me. You are forgiven if you tell me where to get that TDF backpack for my new preschooler too. ;)

Joyce Smith

ha ha, Alli! Here you go . . . . They were 25% off at the stores, but I think that ended yesterday. Rats!


Oh man. I better get on it. Although I can guarantee my 8 things are NOT going to be as funny OR as well written as yours you English PhD you!


Gah! It took me 3 days to find your comment on my blog. See, told you I was random! :)

xoxo, Mare


Oh, that's soooo wrong Joyce, I've been tagged 3 times girly...I can't come up with (what's 8x3)...hmmmm 27 interesting facts about me. LOL!!

That bag is the bomb....I can see litttle Miss M. strut her stuff with that on her back. =)


I just heard about this game! sO FUN!

Stacey Woods

Oooh, see your random things are quite interesting, just as I expected! ;) (Such a hard task isn't it? I was tagged three times too... eek.)

--Thanks, Stacey. :) Yes, it was hard to come up with these. Of course I always fail miserably at being concise too. ha ha!!

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