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May 03, 2008


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Caitlin Domanico Photography

Very cute.


These are so sweet- I really am drawn to the image with dad- very special. And I love just the peek of moms smile in the smile image. Great images.

Tracy Adams

Great stuff. That last one is hilarious. I can relate to that with my last client. Some babies just can't stand grass. :)


I love these, Joyce! What a darling little one. You do such an amazing job at capturing life in such an artful way.


Oh goodness...that last one is sooo funny! Mine's the same get her to lay in the grass is torture! LOL!!

Don't hate me Joyce...but I tagged you. =)


Look at all that hair!
What a handsome little guy and you captured him so well!

Jennifer Adams

oh absolutely adorabel, I love love love the blue wall shot!

Jen Lane

what a GORGEOUS kid! Lovely, FUN images as always Joyce!
And omgoodness, M's "one with nature" photo is cracking me up. TOO funny!


That one with his mom looks like it is straight out of a magazine - love it!


These are awesome! You have a gift!

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