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December 15, 2007


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Oh, I remember those non-nap naps. I think I took them with my son actually. Who doesn't need a nap after running around with them all morning.(:


Hi Joyce!

I just wanted to pop in to say your girl looks amazing here! Love the shadows.

(owe you an email)

Kim McMillan

Love the new blog banner Joyce!


I absolutely love your work, and would love to ask you about a million questions, but since I can't do that...:)

Here are mine...
* What are the actions you use most often? Especially to achieve bright, vivid colours?
* I love the skin tones of your portraits - how do you achieve these?
* What are your best marketing ideas for a new photography business - emphasizing the fresh, modern approach your business reflects?
thanks...looking forward to your replies!

Melanie A

Hi, Joyce-
I just recently discovered your photostream on FLICKR, and I just love your photographic eye! Since you are taking questions...:)... I was just wondering what particular camera you use and what your favorite lenses are for taking portraits? I'm just starting out so any info is must appreciated. Thanks! Oh, and have a wonderful Christmas!


Thanks for taking on some Q&A! I also love your work and eye for composition. I find I am always fascinated by the story behind the photographer. What is it that got them started? How did they make the leap from avid hobbyist to being a career? Of course I have the standard questions of favorite tools and techniques as well.... Finally it might be fun to hear about a day in the life of Joyce Smith... i.e. work you do to prepare for a client, the time you take to interact with your subjects before you shoot, the work flow process that you follow, and the final packaging of products for your clients. Tons of questions I know....

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